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WFYB Handbook of Policy & Procedures 2023/2024

Procedures, Policies and Code of Conduct


Dance is an art form that demands discipline and time. At Wichita Falls Youth Ballet we expect students to be always on their best behavior. Students are expected to be respectful of other students and the staff while in the Wichita Falls Youth Ballet Building.  For the benefit of other students, disruptive students may be dismissed from class. If the behavior continues the student will then be dismissed form the school without a tuition refund. Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. Unexcused absences may inhibit the progress and growth of the student. See below our make-up policy



Drop Off and Pick up Policies


  • When dropping off your student(s) for classes, please pull up in front of the studio to let them out of the car. To comply with the Wichita Falls City Ordinance, please do not linger in the fire lane. We have a large parking area, so you are more than welcome to park and escort your student into the building.


  • When picking up your student(s) after classes, please park in a designated parking spot and come inside the school to get your child.  It is our policy for the children to wait inside the building.  Please pick up your student promptly after class. Prompt retrieval of your child will ensure his/her safety.  Students are to remain in the school lobby and not outside while waiting for rides.


  • Always have your dancer wear appropriate clothes to the school. Please wear proper street attire over dance clothes when entering or exiting the school. Please do not wear your ballet shoes outside of the studio. No street shoes allowed in the studios.

Class Make-up Policies


  • Students enrolled are encouraged to make up any classes they miss. You do not have to make up a class for being sick with a doctor’s note. You can make-up with your level or a level below, not higher.

  • If we have to close due to inclement weather you will be able to make up the class that is missed. Please check with the receptionist for which class your dancer should makeup class in.


  • If injured it is required to come in and observe the classes unless discussed with the Artistic Directors to stay home to rest.



Classroom and Dressing Room Etiquette and Policies   


  • Please follow the dress code for each division/ level. Students not in proper dress code will not be allowed to take class until dress code is followed.


  • Rubber pants, leg warmers, or sweat pants are not permitted in class.  Students not in proper attire will be asked to come to the next class in the proper attire or they will have to observe class. An email will be sent to the parents to remedy the dress code.


  • Ladies hair needs to be pulled back away from face and secured neatly in a bun, no pony tails.  A headband needs to be worn with short hair. Gentleman need hair combed out of eyes neatly.


  • Students are encouraged not bring any valuable items to the school including jewelry, electronic items or cell phones. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


  • Students may not enter class late or leave class without instructor’s permission. A student who arrives 10 minutes late may observe class or participate if the teacher approves.


Food, drink, or chewing gum is not allowed in the studios or dressing rooms. ONLY water bottles are allowed in the studios

  • No cell phones use, cameras or any kind of video recording devices allowed in dressing rooms or bathroom.



Tuition and Payment Policy



Discount for Siblings

            5% for each sibling enrolled


Military Discount (must show valid Military ID)

            5% off total Family tuition


Drop-in class rate- $20.00 (must be approved through Artistic Director)


$25.00 fee on all returned checks


·       All tuition is due on the first of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be added on late tuition after the tenth of the month.Tuition is always the same regardless of the number of classes in the month, we have a 10 month year. August-May. Full tuition is due for each month. WFYB does not pro-rate for holiday months as missed classes due to studio closures have already been considered when determining the tuition rates for the year.


There are NO CREDITS OR TRANSFERS TO ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR.  Early Withdrawal & Tuition Adjustments/Refund Information: Registration is for the duration of the full year August 2022-May 2023). Students wishing to cancel their enrollment at WFYB may do so by submitting their Early Withdrawal in writing by the end of the first two weeks. Those withdrawing for a non-medical reason by the above deadline will be able to receive a tuition adjustment/refund. No refunds/tuition adjustments will be available after the above deadline, except in the event of a documented serious illness, injury, or family relocation. Such requests must be made in writing and accompanied by a doctor’s note.

We do not pro rate tuition for any reasons such as inclement weather, vacations, or illness. We will work with you to make up any missed classe

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